Are you under 30 years of age and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, about to graduate from full-time undergraduate or Masters level study at McGill, uOttawa, Queen's or StFX?

Do you have a meaningful connection with a community in Canada or anywhere in the world? And an innovative idea of how that community can be strengthened or developed?

Would you like to turn that idea into reality in the next year, with ongoing Coady Institute support to help you do it?

If you answered “Yes!” – an OceanPath Fellowship might be for you! 

About the OceanPath Fellowship

The OceanPath Fellowship provides community-focused experiential learning opportunities for graduating students to become active and effective change-makers, bringing new ideas and working closely with communities to foster sustainable and positive social change in Canada and around the world.The Coady Institute is excited to partner with the following universities in offering this Fellowship: McGill UniversityQueen’s UniversityUniversity of Ottawa and St. Francis Xavier University.

The year-long Fellowship is designed for students who have:

  • demonstrated the capacity and potential to develop as effective change-agents;
  • meaningful connection with a community of their choosing, locally, nationally or internationally; and
  • EITHER an innovative idea of how this community could be strengthened or developed OR a connection with a positive and sustainable community development initiative in any field already underway within this community that they would like to build upon.

Candidates do not need to develop a completed plan at application stage, but rather have an interesting and innovative idea of something that could strengthen the community that can then be further developed in the first few months of the program, informed by the on-campus and distance learning components.

Upon selection to the program, Fellows are provided with up to $25,000 to contribute to:

  • a living allowance (including housing, food, local transport and insurance);
  • travel and travel-related expenses, to cover airfares to and from home locations and the community (if required), and, for those traveling internationally, such things as visas, immunisations and health insurance; and
  • initiative funding, to cover expenses such as start-up and operational costs.

Integrated throughout the program is the Coady Institute’s innovative and blended approach to citizen-led, community-driven, asset-based community development.  On-campus and distance learning educational methods incorporate a participant-focused, flexible learning agenda underpinned by strong adult education principles, technical expertise, and technological support.

The Fellowship also provides participants with leadership development and one-on-one coaching to support fellows’ personal learning throughout their fellowship experience.


Program Schedule

Following review of applications, up to 20 shortlisted candidates will be invited and funded to attend a centrally conducted Selection Day  at one of the partner universities, consisting of participatory and interactive activities with the other candidates along with an individual interview with the Selection Committee. All shortlisted candidates MUST make themselves available to attend Selection(and potentially travel days either side).

Each cohort of up to 12 fellows will participate in:

  • The Foundations for Community Change (FCC) experiential learning component on-campus at the Coady Institute during which Fellows are introduced to the Coady approach to development; self-assessment and analysis of leadership styles and interactions with others; introduction to Fellows’ personal coaching sessions; working equitably with communities; and participatory project planning and management, including such topics as financial management and monitoring, evaluation and learning.
  • pre-community planning phase during which Fellows return home and further develop their initiatives based on learning from FCC. Includes regular check-ins with peers and Coady, along with further distance-based learning.
  • A final planning workshop at the Coady Institute that provides opportunity for feedback and further development of Fellows’ concepts as well as preparing them for their engagement with the communities in which they will work, whether local, national or international. Sessions include such topics as equitable community engagement, Fellows’ roles and responsibilities, ongoing personal development, safety and security concerns, and any final logistic and administrative requirements.
  • The community phase is when Fellows will work in and with their identified communities. During this phase Fellows will receive ongoing support and distance learning from Coady, as well as regular sessions with the fellows’ personal coach.
  • debriefing and evaluation at the Coady Institute when Fellows will evaluate personal and professional growth, outcomes from the community phase, next steps, and visioning of possibilities in their journey as change-makers.

How To Apply

Apply now!

This Fellowship is only for graduating full-time students from McGill, uOttawa, Queen’s and StFX universities who are 29 years old or under and are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Complete details of eligibility can be found here.

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